Muscle Training Activities

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Why should we do physical activity? Provide four reasons.
1) Physical activity controls stress in one’s life. It allows an individual to clear their mind.
2) To live as long as possible – long term health benefits by reducing risk of diseases.
3) Improves quality of life by having a positive effect on one’s energy level, self-image, and emotions.
4) Helps maintain a healthy weight – which keeps the doctor’s happy!
5) Improves one’s quality of sleep at night.
According to the Physical Activity Guidelines: How much aerobic activity should we do? And how much muscle training activities?
Aerobic activity- 150 minutes of moderate intensity a week, such as brisk walking. Or, 75 minutes of vigorous intensity, such as jogging. One can also mix both moderate and vigorous-intensity activities into their schedule.
Muscle training activities- 2 or more days a week that work all seven major muscle
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Basic Information:
Name and location of facility: Gold’s Gym located in Manassas
Hours of operation: M-F 5AM-11Pm Sat 7AM-8PM Sunday 8AM-8PM
Times available for general use: Not sure what you mean by this question. Most crowded times are around 4-7 PM. General public can go as long as they are open.
Times most convenient for your schedule: Monday – I work at in my basement Tuesday- 7 PM Wednesday- 7 PM Thursday- 4PM Friday- 6 PM Saturday- 6 PM Sunday- Rest day
Can you obtain an initial session or consultation with a trainer to help you create a program?
I’ve been working out several years now, so I am familiar with routines and programs. I already have my own workout and nutritional routine developed. But to answer the question, it is not free (last time I checked it was $35).
If so, what does the initial planning session
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