Muscular Development and Nutrition

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I developed this interest by studying Nutrition in class as a school subject and admiring my older brother Tyson Jenke who is a personal trainer at Goodlife, Burnside. Because of my strong interest into this field of material, I thought it would become suitable and effective to use this drive as my focus topic for research project. Because in the future I hope to become muscular and shredded, I figured that I am going to have to inevitably study this material, so why not study it as part of my research project. Thus creating a topic question: “If I wanted to gain muscle mass what would be the most efficient way of achieving this?”
Because muscular development and nutrition is such a vast topic, I decided to divide my learning into 3 simple sub questions. These include
1. What exercises work which muscle groups?
2. What would be an appropriate diet?
3. What legal supplements would help me to become successful?
Extensive research enabled me to expand and improve my knowledge about this topic, successfully supplying me with enough information to answer all of my topic questions. Allowing me to create my outcome, made from a collection of written text and a short video. I was also able to advance and progress in the Capability that I have been focusing on throughout my project; Personal and social capability.
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