Muscular Dystrophy Challenges

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All people have come across challenges, some challenges can be conquered and some of them cannot. My challenge was given to me when I was born and that challenge is a disability called muscular dystrophy. Muscular dystrophy is a group of genetic diseases that cause continuous weakness of the muscles, so in other words I lose strength as time flies by. I started to notice weakness in my early childhood, when I was ten years old. An example of me noticing my disability starting to kick in was when I was running for physical education, and I felt like I was connected to a parachute. As the years went by things that took physical strength started to get harder. For example, running, walking, lifting objects, and getting up off of chairs. I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy when I was about thirteen years old. This disability is a challenge for me because it gets in the way of me doing many things that other people with the strength can do. This challenge has prevented me from doing many types of movements. Since I do not have the average strength I need help doing a lot of doing certain types of movements. An…show more content…
It was a quarter of a semester long project in my art class. The objective of the project was to create a replica of a building with a certain type of architecture. My group and I came down to a decision and we choose Egyptian architecture and we based the replica on the Temple of Horus. Since I was the leader for this project that meant I had to create the measurements and assign the group members and I on what to do. Not only that I was the quick thinker so if anything went wrong I came up with a solution quickly. An example is when the measurements of a side of the building did not matchup, so what I said is to just place a side that does met the measurement requirements and outline it and cut it out again. This is by far the best opportunity to show my leadership
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