Muscular Injuries

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A. Qualitative method The research problem, Researchers set about determining whether warm up or stretching routines were more effective in preventing muscle injuries from occurring or whether both should be used in unison. Researchers also set about promoting an effective definition of warm-up and stretching methods since they found that previous research on topic lacked clarity on this theme resulting in confused outcome in related research. The basis for the problem Muscular injury is one of the most common and most significant problems that occur to athletes. It is therefore important to determine the most effective means that can be used to prevent the problem from occurring. Research pointed to stretching and warm-up routines being most effective methods in preventative exercise but the congruent research was contradictory with some indicating that warm-up exercise was more effective and other research asserting that stretching should be used instead. Clarity and completeness of how the problem was described The authors were clear and succinct in description of their problem and necessity of why the problem needs to be resolved. Rather than citing citations in body of paragraph, they point to sources with use of endnote. How problem was addressed through research study that was designed and conducted Authors break their themes into categories, firstly reducing 'warming' to synthetic terms and preceding that with doing the same with 'stretching'. In each case,
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