Essay about Museams Are Temples

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Throughout history, as Duncan P. Cameron stated in his article, Museum, a Temple or a Forum, museums have often been considered what one might call a temple. Museums have housed ancient artifacts as to glorify the cultures and present them in such a fashion to educate the public. As for the matter, do museums matter to societies? The answer would be absolutely. As museums offer up a unique aspect that nothing else could. The Internet can only get one so far. One cannot see the object in person or get close to it. Information online is not as credible as a public institution, such as a museum. Museums are liable to provide information that is factual concerning their collection pieces on display. As well, why would a museum want to lead…show more content…
If the Ottoman ancestors can officially find evidence that the marbles are illegal in the British Museums possession, then obviously they would return them immediately. However, since evidence proving the sale was of merit, the British Museum has every right to retain the marbles. Like said above, since it is museums role to actively involve its visitors in learning the history, they should be more so be able to house the marbles. Not in an act of malicious doing, but for the concern of preserving the Athenian culture. If the Athenians understood at all the role of museums in, not only American society, but also globally, then they would be willing to consent to the marbles staying put at the British Museum.
If the museum were to return the marbles to Athens, it would do no good. The preservation of their culture would not be possible, if the marbles would even be on display at all. However, museums specifically understand their role. According to the ICOM Code of Museum Ethics, their role states, “Museums are responsible for the tangible and intangible natural and cultural heritage. Governing bodies and those concerned with the strategic direction and oversight of museums have a primary responsibility to protect and promote this heritage as well as the human, physical and financial resources made available for that purpose”
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