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Axia College University of Phoenix WORLD CULTURE AND THE ARTS (AXIA) HUM/205 Jaynelle Nixon January 27, 2008 Museum Collection 2 Classical and Hellenistic Greece One of the most well known piece of this time, is the statue called Ludovisi Gaul killing himself and his wife, also known as The Galatian Suicide. The original was made by Greek sculptors commissioned by Attalus I after his victories over the Gauls of Galatia. This is a statue of A man about to drive a dagger into his chest all while holding a dying woman (his wife) and looking over his shoulder, defiantly. The original statue was never recovered, however there were many copies commissioned through out different eras and rulers; they were an…show more content…
This is actually two buildings built separately one is called the New Cathedral "La Nueva" and the other is the Old Cathedral "La Vieja.” Construction began on the original cathedral in the 12th century. The building of the new cathedral began in the 16th and ended in the 18th century. The Old Cathedral is a prime example of Romanic architecture while The New Cathedral is a prime example of Gothic architecture. Much of the cathedral is covered in detailed carvings. The new cathedral was built to stabilize the older cathedral. There is an apparent Islamic influence present when you look at the Salamanca cathedrals; this was not common outside of Spain. This is a combination of influences and styles, which is what makes this structure so interesting. With Islamic, Romanesque, and late Gothic influence and attention is spectacular. This structure requires a lot of work to maintain, now it’s a prime tourist spot. Museum Collection 6 Baroque Age During the Baroque Ages a man by the name of Caravaggio was a very prominante artist, one of his stand out pieces was entitled Entombment, created in 1603 it was an oil on canvas painting. This is a painting in which Jesus is the center of the movement in the work everything and everyone else seems to revolve around him. The Renaissance inspired aspects are the religious content and increased perspective. The more Baroque elements are bringing the viewer into the

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