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Museum Concept. In Dumfries, Virginia, there is the Weems-Botts Museum (WBM), built in 1759, and added to the National Registry of Historical Places in 1975. WBM is a community, Dumfries, family, history, Virginia, and tourist oriented museum. To get support to maintain the museum, the organization holds events to bring the community together and learn about local history. Additionally, memberships and inheritance receipts support this non-profit organization. As with many local museums, preservation of history is paramount to the WBM mission. While WBM has an online presence with social media, their focus is on history and not full use of social media. (
Dating Service Concept. Dating services are around since 1695 and for personal ads for wives. Their history grew into (1995) for singles dating to eHarmony for long-term matches (2000). (Lee, 2016). Today, dating services are stigma-free, exceptional device communication using, and Internet savvy facilitators to match singles for lunch only, dating, networking, and relationship finding. Their focus is on people meeting people and employ full use of social and electronic media for this purpose. (Healy, 2015, Smith and Anderson, 2016).
Exhibit Concept: To increase interest in the museum, WBM is scheduling an exhibit on the history of dueling, its fashions, and its reasons. The event’s purpose is to introduce dueling history, increase membership, and get donations for the

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