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Thuy Truong – 02390838 Professor Doyle ARTH 103 November 17, 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy One day when I was wandering around Bowers Museum, I came across nine oversized paintings shown in an exhibition made entirely by one extraordinary 69-year-old Buddhist monk in Nepal named Shashi Dhoj Tulachan, a second generation thangka artist living. The practice of thangka art has been around for centuries and is carried out by highly trained monks for the purpose of teaching about Buddha and the tenets of the Buddhist religion. The paintings attracted me because they were so big and colourful that I had to spend quite some time to fully absorb the beauty of the art. They are not thangka paintings in the traditional sense. Thangkas are…show more content…
The head of the King is encircled by an irregular green areola with multi-coloured flames. Beneath Virupaksa are a woman and an elephant rising from the ocean waves. The woman may have been a servant of Virupaksa because she is offering him a snake and is wearing typical servant clothing- a flowing skirt adorned with gold jewels. The elephant is playing an instrument that spurts out flying dragons. Tulachan –the artist must have put a lot of time and effort to create such an elaborated and complex painting. Every little segment of this work is depicted with a great care and nicety of details, flowing movements and vivid colours. Each colour seems so distinctive that I have the urge to think that Tulachan did not repeat any pigment while painting this thangka. The vibrant colours he used are made from natural mineral pigments. The painting also attracted me because of the action-packed space and the texture. Although it is covered with imagery and patterns to every inch, this thangka still has the balance and harmony that are quite hard to find in other similar crowded paintings. My eyes just automatically attracted by Vuripaksa’s red face when I first saw the painting, then follow the waves of the ocean to the movements of the dragons after spending some time looking and examining it. It also has a smooth

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