Museum Field Trips to National Gallery of Art (NGA) and The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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The reason I chose these specific sites was the first images I saw which made me want to explore the webpages. I will be comparing the visual quality of the homepage, pictures, text, and content along with the overall quality of the two sites. I will go into detail about the differences and which site, in my opinion, would be more enjoyable based on their website.

Upon first glance of their homepages, the two sites look completely different in style. When The Metropolitan Museum homepage loaded, I was in awe of the bold image of a man's face covered with ink art. It was eye-catching at first, but then I noticed there was no other graphics or pictures on the homepage. The one slide show picture did not even fill the screen from side to side either. It left a kind of boring, bland feeling with me. Then I clicked on the link for the National Gallery of Art homepage. As this site loaded, it filled the computer screen with side to side full color. The background was a beautiful picture of an elegant cathedral-like building. In the middle of this eye-catching background was a slide menu where each group had its very own beautiful picture. Another refreshing feature is that the background image changes often so that each time I visited it is was a different background image. Although the menu pictures were not as large as The Metropolitan…
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