Museum: Impressionism and Artist

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I decided to go to the Cummer Museum for my visit. This is where I went for my museum visit for Humanities I and I liked it so much I wanted to go back again. I was interested to see any of the new art that has been added to its collection since my last visit. Also the museum just had its 50th anniversary and had an exhibit of art that was purchased for its anniversary. I was also interested in the traveling exhibit they had set up which was Impressionism and Post Impressionism from the High Museum of Art. Here is a list of art that I found to be very interesting: 1.) Title: Cinerary Urn Artist: Unknown The carvings in this urn were very detailed and you could tell that it was carved for someone of importance. 2.) Title: Head of…show more content…
The dog looks as though he is ready to take of your ankles! 19.) Title: Lute Player Artist: Jacob-Fransz van der Merck I really liked the way the artist painted her robe coming off of her shoulder, and the way the scarf drapes the sides of her face. 20.) Title: Martin Buber from Ten Portraits of Jews of the 20th Century Artist: Andy Warhol I liked the way the artist went back over the outline of his face in a different color. It really makes it look 3D and it just sticks out. The following are from the traveling exhibit: 1.) Title: Preparatory Sketch for “Mother and Child in a Boat” Artist: Mary Cassatt The child looks so happy to be with her mother. She looks as though she has no worries in the world. 2.) Title: Sketch of Mother looking down at Thomas Artist: Mary Cassatt The child in this painting looks very sad. He looks as though he has been crying. I liked the way the mother is holding and comforting him. 23.) Title: Port of London Night Artist: Maximilien Luce This painting looks very calming as the sun is setting behind the city. While looking at this painting I was imaging sitting on the dock, relaxing, and watching the sun go down. 24.) Title: Peasant Women Carrying Kindling Artist: Camille Pissarro The women in this painting look very tired as they carry the kindling on their backs. They look to be worn out as if they can not take
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