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The experience of viewing artwork has advanced considerably throughout the eras; from private collections that were strictly limited to viewing by wealthy and privileged individuals, to the rise of public art institutions during the 19th century. Presently, Google has created innovative technology that has made navigating through art institutions easily accessible to anyone with Internet; within a few clicks of a button, the viewer can explore any art institution worldwide without leaving the comfort of their home. I utilized Google Cultural Institute to visit The Strong National Museum of Play located in Rochester, United States. I chose to explore The Strong National Museum of Play because I was intrigued by its collection of interactive…show more content…
The benefit of using this technology is that it is easily accessible. This technological innovation is affordable and effective for someone that just wants to view an art institution in a short span of time. Realistically, we cannot always travel to different art institutions to see works of art, which is why the Google Cultural Institute is the perfect solution. Additionally, this technological innovation lets you experience being the only viewer in the institution. The drawback of this technology is that you do not get the same firsthand experience that you would if you visited a gallery in person. For example, when having a virtual walk through of The Strong National Museum of Play, I wanted to physically interact with the artwork but I was restricted to only viewing it. Ultimately, I did not get to enjoy the experience as much as someone who had visited the museum in person. Also, navigating through the museum can be difficult at times. For instance, I was trying to navigate throughout different rooms of the museums and I ended up outside the institution or having to continually refer to the floor…show more content…
Also, the concept of visual technologies from Module 6 ties into the experience with the Google Cultural Institute and how scientific innovations have resulted in image reproductions. Additionally, the Google Cultural Institute is a representation of technological determinism and that this technology can determine the direction society takes. Lastly, the course concept of cultural tourism from Module 10: The Global Flow of Culture expresses that although technology is constantly providing us with new ways to view artwork; people will still travel to different regions to see art. In conclusion, the Google Cultural Institute is a very beneficial and educational tool that extended my knowledge of concepts that I learned throughout the VISA 1Q98

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