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Museum Paper I went to the Cantor Center for Visual Arts on Stanford Campus on 2/28/13. I saw a lot of sculptures and vases there. They are very beautiful and interested. The most interested one I think was Kleophon Painter, “Volute Krater”, ca. 430 BCE, Greece, red-figure terra cotta vase, size 26’ ¾” * 19’ *19’. Hazel D. Hansen Fund, 12, 1972 Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University. This vase is located in the Iris & B Gerald Cantor Center from the classical period between 479-323 BCE in Greece. The Kleophon Painter is an anonymous Athenian vase painter in red figure style. The name he is named because of a youth named “Kleophon”. He is also good at Achilles Painter; a number of “black figure” works in the mid-to-late 5th…show more content…
Herakles has the upper hand. The giant’s face is a mask of pain. His eyes roll and his teeth are bared. His right arm is paralyzed, with the fingers limp.” This vase is the most expensive vase ever purchased. Euphronios’s panel is not creating a two-dimensional one; instead, his panel is to bring imagines moving into three-dimensional space—a new conception of what a picture is supposed to be. It shows a very detailed story connected to the gods. According to the Britannica, “Euphronios experimented with new ideas, forms, and designs within the context of the Archaic tradition, especially the adoption and exploration of the new red-figure technique. Generally, Euphronios’s earlier works were signed as painter and his later works as potter.”(Euphronios, Britannica, Compare to another vase from the textbook in chapter 5, page 121, Andokides Painter, Achilles and Ajax playing a dice game (Athenian bilingual amphora), from Orvieto, Italy, ca. 525-520 BCE. Black figure side (left) and red-figure side (right). It is 1’ 9” high, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. This two sides of vase shows both black-figure and red-figure in one vase. It has two handles painted in red and black-figure on the shoulder. The differences between the two techniques can best be studied on a series of experimental vases with the same composition painted on one black and one red-figure. According to the textbook,
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