Museum Visit At The Monmouth Museum

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Museum Visit For my extra credit assignment, I chose to go to the Monmouth Museum. I had a very insightful time and am very happy with the new experience. Unfortunately, I was only able to stay for about an hour and a half so I was only able to really analyze a few pieces of art. There was plenty more to see and it is too bad I could not be there for any longer. Here is what I discovered, liked, and disliked. The I in Disguise It is made with acrylic on canvas, made in 2013. It has beautiful patterns of color on color. Like the name suggests, it’s all about mystery and disguise. There are endless patterns with patterns inside the patterns symbolizing endless meanings and mysteries. It looks almost leopard patterned, but with more color and brighter on the center as if a sun is shining through. The mysterious aspect to it makes it looks like some sort of secret code. I love the mystery. The main colors used in this piece of art are orange, red, blue, and gold. Untitled Early Painting This was made by R Randolph in 1967. It is an oil on canvas painting of fruits, mostly apples. You can see some of the paint popping out from the canvas, giving a more 3D perspective. There is a dullish beige background which I think is what makes the fruit more the center of attention to the viewers. The beige does have some randomly faded in colors probably to make it look more pleasant looking. There is a good use of shadow to create the size, depth, and general feeling that the artist is

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