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I had the pleasure of visiting The Miami Art Museum and was very impressed by what I encountered and viewed. I have never found interest in art until I got to see the museum. Throughout my exploration at the Miami Art Museum I was able to view a wide selection of art. In this venture, I viewed the most beautiful artwork I had ever seen, observed interesting non European/North American art, was alarmed by the most disturbing works , explored a breath taking exhibition, and actually found work that I would actually take home with me. To begin, from the many pieces of artwork I was able to view at the Miami Art Museum, I can honestly say that I chose a very distinct piece as the most beautiful. In my opinion, the most beautiful piece is…show more content…
This artwork was very interesting to me because it shows an overweight person gripping their buttocks with both hands. One would not think of the meaning by just looking at the picture but after reading the title you view it differently. To me the title and the picture define a person with insecurity. I believe this artwork was the most significant from this category because it has meaning behind it. It maybe that this is the way Julie George views herself or the way that she sees other people viewing themselves. I saw, studied and enjoyed looking at many pieces of art and although it was a difficult task I was able to choose one piece of artwork as the one I would take home if given the opportunity. The artwork that I chose is a very different piece of work. The title of the painting is En Carne made in 1987 by Carlos Alfonzo who was born in Havana, Cuba. The painting looks like a lot of clutter and I actually even thought it was an airplane before hearing what it actually means. After hearing the story behind it I found it to be very interesting. Throughout the painting there are eyes hidden in the cluttered art. These eyes symbolize a sign of paranoia as if people are always watching you. Unfortunately, I have not visited a museum for the past fifteen years and just realized what I have been missing out on. I feel like I have gained so much knowledge from this visit. I now know that I will be visiting museums more often. There are so many messages and images

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