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The analysis of two outstanding artworks: The Divine Shepherdess and Child with Saint John the Baptist and an Angel The art works in the art center provides a broad range of artistic visions from different period of times as well as various cultural backgrounds. Among them I choose two religious painting as my favorite: The Divine Shepherdess, from 1780-1800, which is an oil painting on canvas; and Domenico di Bartolomeo Ubaldini’s Madonna and Child with Saint John the Baptist and an Angel, from 1518-1520. The latter one is also an oil artwork, but on panel, not on canvas. According to the annotate of The Divine Shepherdess, the theme source comes from the words of Saint Antoine, who said: “Mary is the Good Shepherd who…show more content…
At the bottom right corner, John the Baptist has been depicted as infant at seemingly the same age as Child Jesus. Saint John raises his arm, with a scroll bearing the first few words of the phrase ‘ECCE. AGNVS DEI QVI TOLLIT PECCATUM MONDI’ (Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world). In this artwork, we are not able to see the whole phrase but several letters among them, but it is definitely presenting the same words. The pleasure on Saint John’s face while looking at the scroll foretells his devotion in the future as a Baptist. An angel standing next to the Virgin looks at the Child Jesus, who looks over his shoulder. The caring face of the angel indicates Jesus’s sacrifice is praised not only by the common people, but holy figures. The background is mainly dark grey, makes the figures at the front to stand out. Personally, I think the painting is aesthetically attractive because of the special style of the artist. Realistic are the faces of the figures, which look like real human with beauty appearance, and their bodies. Idealistic elements include the glowing casts on the Virgin, the Child Jesus, and Saint John the Baptist, and the sacredness the artist tries to convey through the image. These two painting, The Divine Shepherdess and Madonna and Child with Saint John the Baptist and an Angel, have various similarities and

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