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Perez Art Museum Miami Visitation Perez Art Museum was my choice for museum visitation paper. Perez Art Museum in Miami is a modern and contemporary art museum dedicated to collecting and exhibiting international arts of the 20th and 21st centuries. Perez Art Museum continue tradition of Miami Art Museum, known as The Center of Fine Arts first opened in 1984. Perez Art Museum have a goal to improve life for visitors and residents of Miami Dade County by showing some of the most progressive visual arts of our time. Exhibition that draw most of my attention was Poetics of Relation that was available from May 29th until October 18th this year. This exhibition was inspired by the writings of philosopher and author Edouard Glisant. This…show more content…
I felt that sandals should be associated with tropical vacations for all the rest of us, but that barbed wire represent hard life of people in those areas of Dominican Republic. I kept questioning myself who were the people who worn this sandals? Where they slaves that somebody made them wear barbed wire sandals so they can keep feeling hurt or only locals wore them as a part of some ritual? I finally realize that those sandals represent life in poverty and eagerness for better life. These sandals represent people who would be better off if their only problem was wearing this sandals. Their lives had much more pain than any foot hurt by barbed wire sandal. I had a mixed feelings while looking at those sandals, remembering my life while growing up in war destroyed country while my parents were trying to find ways to migrate from Yugoslavia and make my life better. Thank God they succeed, but there are still marks from barbed wire on our feet and pain is sometimes coming back. Although Mar Caribe had a lot of emotional impact on me, my favorite part of exhibition was Congregation by Ledelle Moe. Even I was not big fan of it at first sight, I found it extremely interesting so I decided to take some time and figure out more about it. Wall covered with little gray heads had a lot to say to me but I just couldn’t find the meaning of it and I honestly didn’t like it in the
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