Museums And Museums Of Museums

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Maintaining and increasing visitors to museums is essential to the existence of the institutions. Art Galleries, Children’s Museums, Anthropology Museums, Zoos, History Museums and other types of museums all depend on a steady stream of people coming to their institutions. Without a robust attendance, gallery halls are just empty, full of objects collecting dust. Objects and artifacts that the public and researchers are not viewing are wasted opportunities to be an inspiration or to help gain new knowledge. Empty exhibition halls would become no better than 15th century collections locked up in private homes of wealthy individuals promoting their affluence. These institutions keep important stories for posterity by collecting, preserving, researching, interpreting objects, living specimens, and historical records (Museum). Even beyond the cultural implications, museums need visitors to keep income flowing into the institutions. Donations are made to all museums in the form of objects and money. Nonetheless, larger donations are usually made to well-known institutions where the donor knows the object will be seen by a vast audience or that a monetary donation will be noticed by a larger number of people. The importance of a sizable, steady attendance rate to a museum is not a complex issue, and with 850 million people visiting a physical American museum, which is more than all major league sporting events and theme parks combined, it might not seem like an issue that the
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