Music A Luxury Of A Survival Tool

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Music a Luxury of a Survival tool? Music is a survival tool Have you ever felt so lost before? Have you ever had to plug your headphones in and just lose yourself in a day dream? Can music change your perspective on life? Is music a luxury or do we need it to survive? We need music to survive, our hormonal, depressed teenage years. All teenagers are struggling with trying to figure out who they are, what they are going to do, and many other things. When people put on their favorite song, they somehow find the answer to all those questions. They find the helpfulness in letting things go, and letting new things begin in life. There are three things to prove that music is a survival tool, and they are, change in mood, relaxation, and new perspective on life. First of all, music can change the mood of anyone, or anything. The change in mood that music can do is outrageous. There could be kids having a terrible day, and once they plug their headphones in, their mood has changed from zero to one hundred in two minutes. Music had the power to change the sadness, depression, and happiness in all people. To survive in a world that we live in, we have to have the audacity to let things go. When we make it home, and all we want to do is cry over a bad day, we soon come to realize that the only thing that can make us feel better it listening to some hard rock music, and imagining that you’re in a boxing ring with your enemy. There are so many moods, that you can go through in a…
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