Music : A Powerful Voice

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Victoria Jackson 17, Nov 2014 FYE 191 Professor Luke Benton Music: A Powerful Voice It is part of human nature to act out what we have learned and observed. Depending on which influences we have observed, the number of decisions made that derive from one influence are endless. For example, children observe their parents behaviors and actions, and eventually the parents find themselves looking at a reflection. There are several types of idols influencing society as a whole such as: teachers, scientists, actors, and the most influential of all, musicians. Music itself influences how and what individuals think and feel with the timbre and expression in the songs they listen to. Each note and chord creates a painted image, inserts feeling, and sparks new ideas. When lyrics are added, musicians could persuade an audience to agree with their suggestions, opinions, and thoughts. With all the musical influence, society started to change and this resulted in thousands supporting major causes that had the ability to change life and make history. Music is linked to society more than anything else, making it an enormous influence because everyone listens to music. Two artists, Louis Armstrong and John Lennon, from the Beatles, were particularly pivotal in both reflecting and influencing the culture of their respective eras. In the 1920’s there was a cultural explosion called the Harlem Renaissance. Previous to this, Thousands of African-Americans migrated north in search of
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