Music Analysis Of The Film Music Of King Kong 1933

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Terrance Mesadieu

Music Analysis

King Kong 1933 King Kong is the perfect example of the early development of motion picture music in the twentieth century. The music was not only essential to the film, but musical scores also made the film better for the audience. Clever composers created a true musical drama; Max Steiner was known for his musical ability including films like Gone with the Wind. Steiner spent a lot of amount on the music of film King Kong 1933. The music meant everything to that picture, and the picture meant everything to RKO, because it saved the studio from bankruptcy…. The impact of King Kong on the movie-going public was astonishing. It emerged into a country frightened, impoverished, in the grip of the Great Depression. The main instrument used in the film music was orchestra which was perfectly aligned with the theme of characters in the film at various points. Steiner developed the music in the symphonic fashion which allowed the film to hit a high score musically and became a symphonic fashion. The usage of the cycle of operas was brilliant with a soothing tune to the ears. The “Main Title” music opens with King Kong’s three-note motive; heard throughout the entire score in many sections and guises, but always identifying King Kong himself. The film has a fifty-foot giant that depicted a lot of terror to the audience which was facilitated by music; the main title continues with the stolen love of the heroine of the movie. Ann Darrow played the heroine who was saved dramatically by the king kong, and she fell in love with him. Her love for her lifesaver and her further development of the relationship with the gorilla was the core of music and the film. The jungle dance was a faster tune with continuous rhythm, while after the jungle dance, music became much softer, romantic and lush.The entrance of the Kong was a long sequence which was created by Steiner in an orchestral tradition. Viola and Celesta players were given a few notes to play quickly along with some violence in some passages. The recording and the whole thing had a great feeling about it; the natives there was a 2 phase theme which opened like an Indian descending line. Each of the themes including love
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