Music Analysis : The Feather Theme

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Music Analysis
Term 3
Natasha Phipps

Music can be extraordinarily influential in films, as it has the ability to evoke emotion not displayed by on-screen action. Music used in films can play many roles; it can depict time and place, mood, atmosphere, character, and can be used to underscore the onscreen drama and titles. Alan Silvestri and John Williams successfully manipulate the use of music in film to establish characters (along with their personality, actions and changing emotions), as well as underscore the mood for the entirety of their given films. The contrasts of Silvestri’s “The Feather Theme” with Williams’ “Batman Theme” exemplify the power of music in film.

“The Feather Theme” develops the main character in the film Forest Gump, as well as establishes the overall mood and atmosphere that the film portrays. The instrumentation used throughout the piece is highly symbolic and assists to underscore the mood for the film and depict minor character traits. The extensive use of the piano and strings work to establish a variety of moods, differing in each theme. For example, the piece opens with a simple, thin textured piano melody accompanied by strings (all playing in their upper registers). This choice of instrumentation creates a feeling of happiness and contentment as the jubilant timbre of the strings and the pure tone quality of the upper tessitura piano combine. Instruments continue to be used symbolically throughout this piece, as the harp is used…
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