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The end of a semester is the most stressful time for students because of those dreaded finals. Anyone who lived through the 1990s should know the song a young lion and his pals sang after meeting for the first time. However, as the years pass by, society forgets the simple pleasures of youth and the two words that can make all troubles go away. “Hakuna Matata” was a song written by Tim Rice with music by Elton John. This song is also a story about a warthog before he discovered this amazing expression. However, the biggest part of the song is about being carefree and forgetting any troubles that may arise. As finals approach, a student needs to revisit their childhood past and recall the “wonderful phrase:”
“Timon - Hakuna Matata!
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The characters that teach and sing the song, Timon and Pumbaa, are supposed to represent a simpler, easier, and more relaxed way of life. The song is only five lines being used repetitively. This helps emphasize the theme.
Pumbaa, the warthog, shows that before he learned about Hakuna Matata he was miserable. The second section of the song shows how embarrassed he really was: “Timon - He found his aroma lacked a certain appeal, He could clear the savanna after every meal” (The Lion King).
This warthog had things rough, he was always in pain. “Pumbaa - And it hurt when my friends never stood downwind.” (The Lion King). But of course, if you were in an aromatically challenged position like Pumbaa’s, how would you feel? He was discouraged:
“Pumbaa - And oh, the shame Timon – He was ashamed Pumbaa – Thought of changing my name Timon – What’s in a name? Pumbaa – And I got dishearted Timon – How did ya feel? Pumbaa – Every time that I…” (The Lion King)
He was about to expel gaseous fumes, but decided against it. Now, a person should not necessarily use farting as a way to alleviate the stress of finals, though for some it might work. A person should think of Hakuna Matata when the stress of finals begins to set in. After all, teachers will prepare their students for the test and will generally score about the same as the

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