Music And Attraction : Effects Of Song Lyrics On Sexual And Romantic Evaluations

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Music and Attraction: The Effects of Song Lyrics on Sexual Versus Romantic Evaluations of

a Potential Partner

Music is ubiquitous (Fischer & Greitemeyer, 2006). From television advertisements

to the radio, individuals are constantly subjected to music. In modern culture, the

consumption of music has risen sharply, particularly with young adults, who are estimated to

listen to two to three hours of music per day (Arnette, 2002). As a result, many “watchdog”

organizations have questioned what effect this constant immersion may have on listeners,

especially when considering the violent and sexual nature of some contemporary music

(Carpentier, Knoblick-Westerwick & Blumhoff, 2007).

Anderson and Bushman’s (2002) General Aggression Model (GAM) has often been

implemented when interpreting aggressive behavior that arises as a result of contact with a

media. According to the GAM, aggression is the result of various inputs from the person and

environment, and the internal states that they create (Anderson & Bushman, 2002). Relevant

input variables include person factors such as an individual’s beliefs, attitudes, and values,

and situational factors, including provocation, frustration, and aggressive environmental

cues. These input variables activate knowledge structures that then become more readily

available for the individual. For instance, aggressive cues are stimuli that activate

aggression-related knowledge structures in memory, and thus…
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