Music And Cartoons Of The Vietnam War

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Ajax Diamandis
Ms. Harris
AP US History
June 8, 2015
Art as History: Music and Cartoons of the Vietnam War The Vietnam War (1955-1975) was the longest war the United States has ever fought in and also the most controversial. Many Americans protested against sending their children across seas to fight in a war that did not involve the United States. Millions asked for a return to isolationism such as the 1920s. Meanwhile many protests went viral as the National Guard interfered, killing four at Kent State University in 1970. Acts such as these convinced the American Citizens that the government was not to be trusted as anti-war enthusiasts took the advantage to further demonstrate against the government. Issues such as the My Lai massacre also promoted people in the United States to speak out against what they were doing in Vietnam. All forms of culture were changed by the issues in Vietnam. Two of the most convincing cultures that formed at the time were cartoons and music. Music and Cartoons throughout the Vietnam War era reflect the issues brought forth by the war as rock and roll became more popular after massacres such as My Lai, cartoons became increasingly more graphic as anti-Vietnam fighters pushed for an end to the war, and social views of college students were forever changed, they were from then on considered hippies to music which went against the government. Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War” emphasized the people’s anti-war view of the Vietnam War. Dylan’s…
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