Music And Dance: The Evolution Of African American Women

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Today one of the most powerful ways of communication is through music and dance. In every house hold from the edges of the earth everything has a rhythm. Whether it be our heart beat, even the way we blink, talk, breath and how we think is to a rhythm. We all have our own theme music if you will. Music has evolved from the beginning of time until now, music dates back from the beginning of time. Music and Dance are the most important things in my life. This is the way I express myself and that is why this topic is so important to me. Since dance has evolved there has been some issues that many people have stumbled across. Music and dance is becoming very sexual and I haven’t been thinking like this for that long. While on Twitter I stumbled…show more content…
The evolution of music and dance influences the daily human behavior and mental processes. However, the main things that I want to focus my research on are African American females in the most important stages of their lives which are Children, Teens, and last but not least Adults. African American women and children are born with innocence and grace but they also have a target on their backs. I chose African American women and children because they have been slaves before and the cycle is repeating itself just in a different way. I will also explain how the evolution of dance is negatively effecting this specific group of women and why this means so much to…show more content…
Teenagers are essentially from the ages of 12 -19, this is a large group and this is a huge and very important part of an African American teenagers life. This is the time where African American females are trying to find where they belong in the world. Teenagers will try new things and these are also known as the rebel years. Modern Music and Dance also plays a huge role in this part of a modern day teenager’s life. Most teenagers have more access to the more explicit music around this time because they are not monitored as much as they were when they were children. * quote * (Works Cited) . Studies show that teenagers are more likely to be alone during the earlier teen years. Many African American females listen to artists like Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Mila J. These females are extremely beautiful, they make music for every emotion that you could be going through. The most popular songs are songs that you can dance to. For example, Pour it Up by Rihanna is a very popular song that has a video along with it. This is a very straight forward song about Rihanna being at a strip club with lots of money. This is similar to what I stated earlier about the children and the role models maybe not really paying attention to who they are actually effecting. This video basically makes it seem like it’s the best job in the world to be a stripper. This is also the stage where not only they are
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