Music And Electronics Aid One Another

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Music and electronics aid one another. In one way a person can capture music they love through technology and electronic companies flourish due to the sale and popularity of these electronic devices. If a person wants to hear music they will turn on a stereo or TV, choose a CD or DVD to play, or listen to a songs downloaded in ITunes. All of these devices use electronics to record, play, and change the way music is heard. A look through history will show how far society has come in music alone. The development of technology has changed the way the music industry operates and the way society hears and buys music today.
Society started off humming, then singing. People sang in church choirs, in the living room on the stage. Music can be heard by vocals or by the melodic tune of instruments. People paid to go to symphonies and listen to composers perform their masterpieces. Family gathered around the piano or at a church to listen to music on the holidays. Music was not portable, nor was it recordable. According to the novel, Looking Backward in 1888, the philosophy was that technology was the “solution to the ills plaguing modern life and the means to achieve a perfect society” (Katz, 51). Meaning that life was boring and technology was the answer to bettering and changing society. In 1877, Thomas Edison invented the Phonograph, changing the way modern music was listened to.
The Phonograph allowed people to bring the music to them. While other inventors had produced devices…

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