Music And Its Effect On Life

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Music, a vocal or instrumental sound (sometimes both) combined in a way that produces beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion or some might say the art or skills of creating or performing a piece. A favorite song is probably your favorite because it is associated with an emotional event in your life (Music). Over the years, music has drastically altered and has become very different from what it used to be. There was once a purpose, but as time progressed, it is sad to say the importance or significance is basically gone. Music is said to have begun during the time of the cavemen it was the grunts, groans, and whines that created the soul sound that would eventually become something so beautiful and unique. They began by hitting rocks and logs and soon after language was formed, and their voices became one with the instruments (N.A.). Now within each time period, music made more of an impact and established a distinctive sound. From Medieval to Renaissance, to the Baroque, Classical and the Romantic period each individual time span brought more to the meaning of what music really is. An emotional connection that could change a person mood in an instant. A sound that allowed anyone to connect with not only the words but also the instruments as well. As music evolved during the 1900 's more genres were created, for example, ragtime, big band, jazz, blues, hip-hop, etc. (N.A., Music History). Now today 's compositions tend to bring out the worst in this particular
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