Music And Its Effects On Children

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Parents also serve as a blockade when it comes to the subject of music. Parents are very cautious and get very defensive of what their children listen to. Parents block children from hearing the truth or prevent their child from seeing how an artist expresses themselves, because of a few raunchy lyrics and profanity? I often listen to music on my iPhone, but since Apple launched its Apple Music project, my music only plays in the edited or clean version, which is very annoying. I am a huge Future fan and on his recent album, “Dirty Sprite 2,” it’s the curse words that really build the song. The profanity really makes the album sizzle and paints the image of and blends the album together so perfectly. Music is a form or art, who are you to…show more content…
What should or not be accepted because of the way it sounds. People who are stuck to one particular sound will judge someone else because they do not like that sound and therefore, it may suck or not sound good to them. They are often lacking the capability to realize that artist create for themselves and often use music to fuel their emotions and energy. It is often taken for granted and we just do not appreciate what the artist does. We typecast music and allow genres to dictate us, so if we hear something of a different “genre,” we may not like it and judge the whole genre because of that one song. One song or sound does not represent a whole genre of music and will not determine if you will or will not a single song of that genre. We live in a generation, a society or in other and more relative words, “a matrix” where we are comfortable with the same sound and same thing over and over. We do not want anything to change about the things we like and do, because that’s what we feel in love with. As a collective, we are often stuck in our ways and become base. People are afraid to try new things and step out their comfort zone. People often do not try to find comfort in other things or something new and we stick to the routine of our matrix and move to the same beat of that drum that we love so much.
How can we benefit or fix our music matrix, when there are a few artists
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