Music And Its Impact On America

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Music in America has been on the decline since the turn of the millennium. Recent popular musical genres such as rap and hip-hop have promoted sex, violence, profanity, and drug abuse. Artists such as Drake, David Guetta, and Nicki Minaj have missed the mark when it comes to good music. Music is supposed to make people feel something, to take people on a journey. In this sense, music draws a certain parallel to the trajectory of America. When times were good in America, music seemed to be good. Recently, bad music has influenced the mentality of American youth and made them unstable and insecure. Music that has a positive, uplifting message has the power to help.
John Mayer, an American song-writer and musician, sang and played pop music with a jazz influence until 2012, when he began performing more country-pop inspired music. In 2013, when I saw Mayer’s Born and Raised tour, I began to think of John Mayer as a national icon. At the very least, he certainly has an impact on America. He sings about love and peace, he gives voice for those that have no voice in mainstream society. Born and Raised is Mayer’s most influential and inspirational work thus far. It’s an album that, if viewed in the context of a national anthem, would give the country more hope, love, and peace.
The album has themes such as personal growth and enjoying life for all that it is. The album is honest, sincere, and warm. The positive music promotes living a life of clarity and meaning. When playing…
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