Music And Its Influence On Music

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Which do you prefer “cultivated” or “vernacular” that is the question? Music, the idea of using sounds for thoughts. Cultivated music can be defined in many different ways, although it is defines as being music that comes from another country, it is also defined as music that is consciously well put together. The word culture is almost visible. However, the term “cultivated” brings a deep contrast to that of “vernacular”. Vernacular can be defined as music of the present place. It will be safe to say that cultivated music carries over into Vernacular music. Cultivated can also be described as imported music or brought over music. For example, Beethoven Symphony No 9, which sounds like the telling of a story of conquest, has been performed in many places around the world. Vernacular music can be thought of as music that has been created and raised within a country. Whether you listen to rap music or not, some critics say the sound changed and is not the same. For instance, taking into consideration culture and history; the music of 2Pac Shakur was said to be, too politically charged, while also discussing social issues that haunted the black community. Although Beethoven Symphony No 9 is a cultivated piece, and the vernacular piece being from Pac; both music has the same militaristic approach in style. As said before, taking culture and history into consideration; there are comparisons as well as differences.
Despite these two pieces of music that were given for example,…

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