Music And Modern Technology

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Name: Rachit Choudhary Student Number: 500635844 Course: MUS 505 Date: 17th November 2017 Music and Modern Technology Technology has led to massive changes in the way of life of the people living in the world today. The music industry is greatly affected by the developing technology each day and both the musicians, producers and their audience are all affected several ways by the technological development each day. As a result of the technology, music has evolved from the ancient time when the audience could only access the musicians on live performances until today when people can access the music on their gadgets (Montobbio & Rampa, 2005). The components of the music industry which include the instruments, recording, videography and…show more content…
The musicians can solely perform a whole song with a variation of beats alone courtesy of the loop pedals which is one of the technological advancement that has led to music evolution. The current day studios are characterized by a high technology to allow the best quality of music to be produced. When multi-tracking was introduced it allowed the musicians to produce the songs in different parts and time and then combine the music into one. The auto-tuning allows the music produced to be in perfection since any variation in the pitch can be detected and tuned accordingly to yield a perfect code (Shapiro, 2010). The continued growth and emergence of disk jockeys that can combine many songs probably of the same genre allow audience to enjoy the kind of music that fits them. Musicians adjust very fast in order to keep up the technology in the industry which has become very competitive as a result of the advancement. The creativity of a certain musician on how to make use of the current day technology makes them more successful in comparison with the ones who do not adjust (King & Himonides, 2016). They ensure that any song that is released is made available to the social media and digital streaming platforms to allow for faster distribution. Justin Bieber is one of most celebrated Americas contemporary musician. Despite his young age, he has made tremendous strides towards his music career. He has made history as he
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