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This concert was a series of performances by the Limestone College and Community Chorus, as well as a couple of performances by the Limestone College Vocal Ensemble. This is a review of the first half of the concert, which featured performances from the Limestone College and Community Chorus.
Carol of the Bells (Ukrainian Carol) by Mykolo Leontovich (1877-1921) Carol of the Bells is a Christmas carol with a unique history. The beginning of what would eventually be popularized as a Christmas carol begin as a Ukrainian traditional folk chant. This famous Ukrainian chant was arranged and set to music in 1914 by Ukrainian composer Mykolo Leontovich. This piece, with its catchy 4 note motive which is developed over the course of the song,
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This leads me to believe that almost all of the issues that arose during the concert were caused simply by the positioning of the performers in the auditorium.
The Shepherd’s Carol by William Billings (1746-1800)
William Billings was an American choral composer, and he is considered to be the first choral composer in American history. He primarily wrote 4-part a capella choir pieces. The Shepard’s Carol is a famous piece of his that is a staple of Christmas choir music to this day. The difference in the sound of the choir between the back of the auditorium and on stage is night and day. The stage made their balance so much better, with the bass and tenor voices resonating better through the audience. I also noticed how much stronger the intonation of the choir was when they were closer to the piano accompaniment. The different voices in the choir also have strong blend individually. Rather than it sounding like I am listening to 11 sopranos as indicated on the program, it sounds like I am listening to just a few because of how well those 11 singers blended together. You can tell there is a lot of emphasis on the performance being a group effort rather than a bunch of individual efforts.
Carols Around (and around) arranged by Carl J. Nygard, Jr. (b. 1947) Carl J. Nygard is an American composer from Pennsylvania. He has degrees in Music Education and

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