Music And Music Essay

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For society music plays numerous roles in every individual’s life whether that be from playing it, singing, or even just listening to it, music effects everyone in some way and is used differently in people’s lives. Music can be used for art and self-expression, amusement, relaxation, and leisure according to Aristotle’s reading “From The Politics.” Music has had many effects on society opening the doors for creativity, inspiring the youth, and even educating. Artists construct songs that talk about love, family, friendship’s, politics, and life itself. Aristotle speaks on the usage of it and how it affects the way we think and act under some circumstances. For me personally, music became a passion after learning I can express myself in an environment where I can be comfortable. In the reading, Aristotle’s points are both practical and ideological as he makes a lot of points that can be made in today’s time while also giving his own opinion on a lot of subjects. There are many definitions for good music and bad music that can potentially lead to good or bad mortality based upon the message in the song especially if there are lyrics. When discussing music relating it to amusement, relaxation, and leisure, Aristotle states that music is “useful as a pastime in leisure, which is evidently the purpose for which people actually introduce it (Aristotle Pg. 25).” Aristotle uses leisure as an instance of coming from work and using music as somewhat a pleasure. This point I
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