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Music is very important in the development of children but it is often undermined by other things that we deem or believe may be “more important.” Learning and developing through music begins before a child is even born and will continue through a child's entire life. We never stop hearing and the listening skills we learn as children will benefit us throughout our entire lives. Music helps brain development and can also help concentration among other things. It can be used in learning environments from pre-k all the way up into a college class. The benefits of music can truly never be measured whether it be classical or heavy metal, each type of music has benefits because some music is better than none at all. Listening to music as infants will set the building blocks as a toddler’s brain begins to develop, in turn listening to music as a toddler not only will continue to help the brain to develop in the toddler stage but will also help brain development in the next stage of life. Music is one of the most beneficial factors in the mental, physical and emotional stages of childhood and the earlier it is introduced the more beneficial it becomes.
Learning through music begins before a child is even born. It begins in the third trimester, the part of pregnancy right before the child is born, where infants form ears and begin hearing sounds. From inside a mother’s womb, all sounds will sound like music to the baby. This, in turn, begins forming and strengthening aural

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