Music And Music Has On The Listener

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Music has even been described as a ‘language of the emotions’ by some authors (Cooke 1962). To begin, this piece will address our day-to-day experience of listening to music, and the effects music has on the listener, ultimately enabling an immediate emotional response from that specific musical happening. Both the non-structural and structural musical components like melody, rhythm, harmony, tempo, and major and minor modality will be noted in this analyzation of musical emotion and what particular musical elements are likely to trigger those responses. For my visual representation, I created a collage book of my own drawings, photographs, and digital collages that express the varied genres of music and each unique effect a particular genre may have on the individual. Each page is completely distinct from others and communicates the different feelings and emotions I felt during my listening exercise. My objective is to achieve what music and freedom mean to me by visually describing these concepts. To continue, a genre of music can be a representation of mood, as well as a lifestyle choice, and in my visual component I feel I have successfully produced an overall representation of a lifestyle. Furthermore, music stimulates a response that is incredibly specific – different chord progressions can activate certain responses. During my listening study I recognized certain emotions triggered by specific sounds in a piece of music captivated my imagination in unnumbered ways.
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