Music And Music : Mozart And The Beatles Composed Pop And Rock

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a composer of classical music who was regarded as on of the best composers that had ever lived. The Beatles were a British boy band who had revolutionized pop and rock music. Although Mozart composed classical music and The Beatles composed Pop and Rock, the two have something in common; they revolutionized music.
The Beatles do share a similarity to classical music though. Growing up, the members of The Beatles listened to BBC radio, which played classical music and familiarized them with what classical music was. It is vague though whether they were directly influenced by any of the master classical composers.
Mozart and The Beatles shared another similarity: they both saw music as an art form and mastered the art. Mozart began playing music at a very young age and began to cultivate his mastery at a very young age. Mozart loved to play instruments along with composing pieces. He identified music as an outlet for his creativity and saw that he could express his emotions through music, which contributed to his success. The Beatles also saw music a way of expression. They utilized this art form to send a message to their listeners with conveyed freedom, rebellion, and enjoying life overall.
Uniqueness defines the success of an artist. Mozart and The Beatles are undoubtedly unique, which contributed to their success. Mozart was unique in the aspect that he could effortlessly compose perfection in the form of musical pieces. He had a god given

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