Music And Pop Culture

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A society is a community of people who share common interaction, culture and territory. These societies consist of more than two people according to their social relations and cultural identity. With a population of 10.28 million, the 1960s was a decade of political and social upheaval in Australia. New aspects of society were being considered in shaping Australian politics through several protests in defying authority. These included women’s liberation, racial equality in support of the Indigenous and Australia’s participation in the Vietnam war. This then led to the inspiration of creating protest music internationally. The major cultural and societal development in Australia was seen through several elements of pop culture, predominantly rock ‘n’ roll music which was heavily influenced by American and British artists and was especially successful. The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Johnny O’ Keefe are three of the most iconic figures that ensured the rock ‘n’ roll culture and lifestyle could spread rapidly within Australia and all over the world. When the rock ‘n’ roll music sensation emerged, it was at its peak in Australia during the 1950s and 1960s. It was a combination of several genres inclusive of country and western music, with a rhythm and blues beat and vocals derived from African American gospel music. Rock ‘n’ roll had the biggest impact on the younger generation as a sound more risky and authentic was found to be more appealing, whereas for the older generation,
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