Music And The Music Of Music

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Prior to this class I had been in both chorus and band, along with general music classes through fifth grade. Although, I did not have very much knowledge on music history or the many different music composers. My knowledge in music was mainly revolved around music theory and harmony. When the semester began I was not positive what was in store for me, however what I was sure about was two things. One, I would love whatever we learn for I have a deeply rooted love for music. And two, I would leave this class with an abundance of knowledge. Now that it is the end of the semester I can say with confidence that both of these are true Different aspects of this class and several pieces of information will be spoken about thoroughly in the next number of paragraphs.
Before this course, much pain and time a piece of music could take was never taken into consideration. The amount of thought that goes into the piece is amazing and all of the things that must take into consideration are extraordinary. The concept of unity and variety is one that is the easiest to understand. To please the listeners they must have a balance of unity and variety. Unity can be shown using repetition, imitation and stretto, along with many other things. When a composer uses repetition they restate a previous line using the same pitch and voice. Imitation is when a composer repeats the same line of music, except this time using slightly different techniques or instruments. When a composer uses stretto
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