Music As A Form Of Art

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Music is an art to reflect human’s emotion. It is the science or art of using tones and sounds in association and in temporal relationships to make construction having unity and continuity.It can be divided into classical music, pop music, folk music and instrumental music. In the types of art, music belongs to abstract art. Music can make people pleasant and bring enjoyment of auditory sense to people.Music refer to an art include melody, rhythm ,harmony vocal and instrumental sounds.There is no investigate to prove the specific time of music produced.However,human already know to use the level of intensity of sound to express their meaning and emotion.With the development of human society,the unified slogans and shout of transferring information were produced gradually.This is the original type of music.When people celebrate and share the gain, the often beat some stone and wood to express the feeling of joy,this is the original type of instrument. Music is a form of art which is expressed by sound. This is one of the fundamental characteristics of the art.Any of musical works is created by a composer carefully, these sounds can be found in nature,but they can not be music without composer’s creation and composition,no creative element, can not become any sound for music.Of all the art forms, music is the most adept at expressing emotions, it is better for music to express emotion, because it uses inductive material and aesthetic forms.There is a similarity between
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