Music As A Form Of Self-Expression. You Would Be Hard Pressed

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Music as a form of self-expression You would be hard pressed to find a more expressive form of self-expression than what can be offered through music. Despite there only being 21 different notes that can be played in our modern understanding of music performance, we can convey all ranges of emotions through this unique medium. Music can help make us feel elation for our favorite sports team beating their rivals, cope with a harrowing loss of a loved one, or simply enjoy the passage of time throughout the day. As such a capable instrument for expression, it is not surprising that there are seemingly endless genres of music that are available for anyone to listen to. As music has evolved along with culture, genres have expanded upon…show more content…
Despite the messages of aggressive and occasionally self-harming behavior that can be found in an aggressive genre, such as Metal, it has been found that the majority of listeners report feeling more relaxed after listening to music of their choosing (McFerran et at.). This discovery not only confirms that the genre that is selected has a connection to a listener’s personality, it also eludes that by listening to music that matches with one’s personality is done as a self-regulatory measure. This leads me to ask the question: Are musical preferences refined by our personalities rather than our general enjoyment of a particular sound or musical theme? Why are listeners drawn to Metal music? Metal music has traditionally contained themes that encourage rebellious actions, anti-religious attitudes, and a relatively negative worldview that can be attributed to lower levels of self-esteem. Listeners of Metal music are drawn to these themes as they often exhibit personalities that are complimentary to these themes (Swami et al.). While this partially answers the previously proposed question, it does not clarify if listeners are predetermined to be drawn to the music as a result of their personality or as a result of the genre being complimentary to their own emotions. Furthermore, this does not necessarily reflect the views of every fan of Metal music, as even though Swami’s study was centered around

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