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Music As Therapy There was never a question in my mind that music possesses a strong element to help people. It has always been a stress reliever in my life. There is research that supports the belief that music is an instrumental part or impact on a wider realm of physical and mental disorders or disabilities. Music is known to set the mood or atmosphere for all types of situations. There is extensive research completed on this subject. Just take a look around. When you look at a movie it is filled with just the right music at the right time to convey the way the writer/ director wants you to feel. Call any major corporation for customer service assistance and you will here hold music to make you feel less tense and patient. This…show more content…
Music therapy can also help individuals on their journey of self-growth and understanding.” (Music Therapy FAQ) A method called, the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music. The technique is better known as GIM. It was developed by a music therapist named Dr. Helen Bonny. “When used as a therapeutic tool, GIM can lead to a deep uncovering of hidden emotional response and stimulate creative insights. (Music Therapy FAQ) The 20th century discipline began after World War I and WWII when community musicians of all types, both amateur and professional, went to Veteran hospitals around the country to play for the thousands of the patients. Notable physical and emotional responses to music led the doctors and nurses to request the hiring of musicians by the hospitals. It was soon evident that the hospital musicians needed some prior training before entering the facility and so the demand grew for a college curriculum. The first music therapy degree program in the world, founded at Michigan State University in 1944, celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1994. The American Music Therapy Association was founded in 1998 as a union or the National Association for Music Therapy and the American Association for Music Therapy. In order for these sessions to take place the system needs people to teach the system. These are the dedicated ones that work one on one with clients with the disorders. Music Therapists design music sessions for

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