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Artist Management
Sometimes thought of as the single most important person in career of artiste. A good manager can expand an artiste’s career to its maximum potential - a bad one can rocket an artist to oblivion. What they generally do is most of the things the artist either can't be bothered to do or doesn't know how to do - they do these things usually in exchange for a percentage of the artist's earnings, this is called commission.
A few of the roles of the typical manager include...Helping with career decisions - which record deal? Which publishing deal? How much etc.?
Helping with the creative process - selecting a producer, deciding which songs to perform/record, selecting photographers or band members etc.
Promotion by hyping to
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This means;
1. As to records made during the term, the manager gets a commission from sales after the management deal has ended.
2. The manager is paid on records made after the term of the deal if the records are recorded under a recording contract signed during the term.
This means the manager could be getting paid long after the term has finished, however there are ways to prevent this, known as clauses. There are a few measures to cut back on after term commissions these are...
1. Records
(a) The manager gets paid only on records recorded and released during the term and not on any others. This is best for the artiste.
(b) Half commission after the term.
2. Publishing
(a) The manager is paid only on songs recorded and released during the term. This is best for the artiste.
(b) The manager gets half commission on songs recorded after the term.

Agents usually operate somewhere between the artist (or the artist's manager) and the promoter. Agents take on a number of artists and try to sell their live act to promoters, in return for a commission from the artiste on the earnings from the live work acquired. When promoters are looking for acts to use for promoting live events it is agents who they will turn to for the high earning potential acts.
The responsibilities of the manager include most of those of an agent, i.e. getting work for the artist,

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