Music Cafe Business Plan

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Executive Summary

1.0 Executive Summary
Music Café, unlike a typical record store and café, will provide the consumers an atmosphere they have never experienced before. Through its aggressive marketing tactics the company will attract high traffic of consumers in the community, mainly college students, to create an outstanding place to socialize, drink coffee, listen to and buy music. Music Café consist of two venues, one is a record store and the other is a café. The venues provide music CD's, accessories, drinks and pastries to the customers at a reasonable price. Students, office workers, residents of the community, and tourists can spend their breaks eating, listening to music and socializing at our store. On their way out they
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The location will provide easy access for the students, faculties and community residence. Music Café will operate long hours to cater to the students and other customers that attend day, evening, and weekend classes or are around during those times. In addition, since everyone is always on the go in this "fast paced society", Music Café provides a place to "relax". The Business Model of Music Café and the SWOT Analysis are explained in greater detail on pages 4 and 5.

2.1.1 Business Model:
As the popularity of veteran and upcoming artists continue to grow at a steady rate, easy and affordable access is quickly becoming a necessity of life. Music Café provides the consumer with the ability to access new and old school music, enjoy a cup of coffee, specialty drinks, pastries and share the experience of a comfortable environment. People of all ages and ethnicities will come to enjoy the unique, upscale and inviting environment that Music Café provides.
• Strategy:
 Provide an atmosphere where consumers can socialize, while dinning, listening to and discussing music
 Develop lifelong customer relationships
 Collect customer e-mail addresses, to inform them of the dates of new releases pertaining to their music of interest and of up-coming events and promotions
 Achieve high financial performance allowing us to fulfill our mission

2.1.2 SWOT Analysis:
 Strengths - Music Café needs to evaluate its strengths upon entering the

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