Music Class: A Report on Concerts Attended During the Class

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On Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. two abnds at San Jose State University had their first concert of the spring 2014 and directed by Dahveed Behroozi, Jason Lewis, and John Shifflett. This conert divided and performed in two parts: Part 1:The Bjlort Jazz Combo, and Part 2: The Free Lunch Jazz Sextet. Those program allowed me to experience the sound of the Jazz music. The music told the audience about the story of music by the tempo and pattens. My favorite performer in this concert is Veno Bender. He played the electric bass guitar in this concert, and he appeared most of the solo in part 1. Although I was impressed by the bass and the guitar solo in the first part, part 2 made a more lasting impression on me. The ambiance of the performance was very professional yet casual. The concert started with Fisrt Rain and Jean Marie. They combined those pieces and began slowly as the bass was building the parttern of the music. As the passion of this piece heated up at first, the mood suddenly became faster as the pattern of this piece felt like Blues with guitar solo. I was stock by the sound of guitar because the guitar was a wireless guitar. I could not imagine the price of his guitar because he tuned his guitar as the sound of piano without sound effect pedal. After the guitar solo, bass started its’ solo part. This part was one of my personal favorites because I like the partnership of the bass and the drums of the song. The beat of the drum bass was so deep, and the
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