Music Copyright : An Individual Or Group Of Musical Creators

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Music copyright is the right to exclusively reproduce original music or works of an individual or group of musical creators. This right is granted by the Australian Law. This gives the writer a legal control of his or her original work, meaning, the subject can dictate how it should be used and distributed. The music author therefore has the right to take legal action upon anyone who uses the work without permission. (Christie 2012 np) Copyright infringement on the other hand is violation of this patent’s right. This right is mainly invaded in two ways, unauthorised download from, an unlicensed source or, unpermitted distribution of the music to other parties. The latter faces heftier penalties because in the eyes of the law, it is akin to stealing. (Larsson 2014 p. 17)

A music publisher is an individual or group that works with songwriters and composers to maximise royalties and take a percentage of money accrued in exchange for services rendered. This is convenient because, a creative may be too busy or may lack the administration know-how to keep a check on how his or her compositions are used by others. (Panda p.155) It is a win-win business strategy to work with a publisher because they have a strong commercial incentive to do the best job. In Australia, music publishers are represented by the Australian Music Publishers Association. The role of a publisher can be summarised as follows:-
Administrative and collection purposes: this entails, collecting
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