Music Culture And The Music Industry

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Born in the late 1950’s, my dad, Robert, has experienced, first hand, the vast changes in the music industry. The first step into the music culture was at the start of middle school when my dad joined the school band. Playing the trumpet and baritone was the bait that caused him to become immersed in music. This initial love of music led to the creation of a garage band with a group of friends adding piano and guitar to the mix. Age 13 signified the second step into the music industry with the purchase of his first record, the Eagles’ “Hotel California”. This catchy tune was my dad’s first record because the lyrics and beat had an appeal most other songs did not have at the time. Five years later, marked the third step into the music industry by attending his first concert, The Who. This concert left a lasting impression on anyone who witnessed it because it was not just the radio anymore, it gave a visual form to the music. Listening to a song on the radio and witnessing the band members perform the song live are two vastly different experiences. That being said, it has been years since my dad has attended a concert. Although the concert was initially an experience that left a lasting impression on my father, it did not turn him into a concert fanatic. As he grew and matured over the years, as did his taste in music. Through his travels with the United States Air Force, he was exposed to a broad variety of cultures along with their different music and sounds. Although his
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