Music, Customs, And Lighting

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The live performance I decided to go and see was called “Celebrating 20 Old New Borrowed Blue.” This production was put up by the Houston Metropolitan Dance Company also known as MET dance. During this production, there were four different choreographic works, “Stirring Simple Gifts in Shades of Blue”, A Tribute to the Jazz Man called “Steven Boyd Tribute,” “Air”, and lastly “New Second Line (2006).” All four of these works were equally great, but the two that significantly stuck out to me were “Air” and the “New Second Line (2006)”. Throughout this paper, I will delve to describe the different type of elements amongst the two different works of art, for example, choreography, music, customs, and lighting.“Air” was uniquely put together; the audience was able to see the choreographer’s concept very clearly. Before this choreographic works were presented, there was a lady that came on the intercom providing us with safety instructions as if we were on a plane getting ready to take off. This signified the attention to which this performance was accorded. Once the curtain opened and the dancers began to enter the stage, everything started to take place. The dancers entered in unison though in a line from a far right entrance to the corner that was open seemingly to give attention to the theme. Though early, I noticed that the exit was different from the entrance as it was on the opposite side somehow in line with the movement of an airplane. The background for this piece was

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