Music During The Early Years Of Music

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Throughout the early years of music there were numerous examples of different forms of music that were on the rise while others were deemed to be ushered out. As these new styles of music were becoming more popular they had to fight against groups and individuals that were resisting the change. There were various reasons why people did not approve to new styles of music, including racial tensions, raunchy or obscene movements, and inappropriate movements. Even though there was a lot of resistance to these movements there were a couple key players that helped guide these movements into the national spotlight. The first main type of music that was the style to start with was the music that came out of Tin Pan Alley. “After the American…show more content…
One song that created quite the controversy was Big Joe Turner’s “Shake Rattle N Roll”. The lyrics of this song were too obscene for mainstream radio and would later be cleaned up by a white artist Bill Haley. One of the first big artist to come out of the African American crowd was Chuck Berry with his song “Roll Over Beethoven”. He would be seen as an influential artist to others, the first African American artist to have chart success, and the first African American performer to popular with whites without upsetting the black population. This would lead to his ability to crossover. Rock ‘n’ Roll and Pop music would battle for the next phase to come into the music world. With the help of tastemakers some bands were able to rise in popularity quickly. A tastemaker is somebody who hosted a popular program which would allow these bands to be heard by a larger audience. Payola scandals that were going on. Some of these famous tastemakers include Alan Freed (host of radio shows), Dick Clark (host of American Bandstand), and Ed Sullivan (Ed Sullivan show). These three men would help in creating and maintaining different music genres including R&B, Pop, and the first wave of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Unfortunately some of these people would get caught up in Payola scandals. A Payola scandal occurred when certain record companies would bribe disk jockeys with money to get radio time. For example “Disc jockeys took thousands of dollars in payola in exchange for airtime. Airplay
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