Music During The Early Years Of Music

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Throughout the early years of music there were numerous examples of different forms of music that were on the rise while others were deemed to be ushered out. As these new styles of music were becoming more popular they had to fight against groups and individuals that were resisting the change. There were various reasons why people did not approve to new styles of music, including racial tensions, raunchy or obscene movements, and inappropriate movements. Even though there was a lot of resistance to these movements there were a couple key players that helped guide these movements into the national spotlight. The first main type of music that was the style to start with was the music that came out of Tin Pan Alley. “After the American Civil War, over 25,000 new pianos a year were sold in America and by 1887, over 500,000 youths were studying piano. As a result, the demand for sheet music grew rapidly and more and more publishers began to enter the market” (In Search of Tin Pan Alley). This music consisted of a collection of artist who produced sheet music and sold it to consumers for their in home use. These types of songs were wrote in a standard formation and the production of the songs were advertised for being sheet music. Some of the most popular songs that came out of Tin Pan Alley were “God Bless America”, “White Christmas”, and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Tin Pan Alley songs were the songs that ruled the airway of network radio and were typically targeted toward…
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