Music During The French Revolution

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Music from the 18th century and particularly from the French Revolution is quite beautiful for an era of change. A lot of the time when drastic change happens to a group of people, the overall mood is a negative or downtrodden one, especially in times of violence. But for the French Revolution, the music was somewhat uplifting and positive. The revolutionary leaders of France realized that music can be a great tool for changing the ideals of the people, or at least aid in doing so. There was an uproar of music creation during this time. Composers created many hymns and marches that were used to ignite and push forward revolution. The most famous of these hymns and marches that were written during this time was Le Marseillaise. This song is still the French national anthem to this day. Leaders of the time built large parade grounds and organized huge musical parties and festivals. There was also a new kind of opera that came out of…show more content…
The French Revolution is one of the most important revolutions in history. Many things caused the buildup to the French Revolution, including international politics, political conflict, the time of the Enlightenment, a bad ruling class, and economic hardship. The most noteworthy part of the process of the French Revolution was the Reign of Terror. The biggest excess that came from the Revolution was the Reign of Terror. The Reign of Terror was created in order to squash both internal and foreign forces of counter revolution. After the threats of the revolution were considered under control, the Reign of Terror branched over into the direction of the Committee of Public Safety which was controlled famously by Maximilien Robespierre. The end of the Reign of Terror was aimed at destroying the political rivals of Robespierre and the Committee of Public Safety. The excesses that came from the Reign of Terror caused the overthrow of Robespierre and the Committee of Public Safety in
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