Music During The Middle Ages

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Music has a huge impact in modern day society. Different types of genre and sounds of music are discovered every day. Music has become a basic part of everyday living. From Alternative to Country from Pop to R&B, each type of music has its own unique sound. Every type of music originated from the same place. The Middle Ages, Medieval Era, was the era where music started to make an upcoming change in society. From secular to religious use, music altered mankind. Music from the pass is the major key for current music and music in the future. People do not realize that musical instruments had to start from some place. Over the years, the instruments have been innovated to fit the specific genre’s need. From the Lute to the Guitar from the Harpsichord…show more content…
Hilegard von Bingen was a German woman that died at the age of eighty one. She had the passion to write poems, song and the first morality play. Moniot d’Arras was French composer. He created traditional monophonic songs with a genre of pastoral romance, religion and courtly love. Courtly love is the love of lust, meaning the man or woman develops a physical attraction to the other. They admire every inch of hair and blood skill on the other’s body. An example of courtly love is from one of Shakespear’s famous plays, Romeo and Juliet.
Adam de la Halle was a French poet and musician who died between the year of 1285CE and 1288 ACE (Sherrane, 1995-2008). He was known for the one who broke the long established tradition of writing liturgical poetry and an early founder of secular music. Perotin also known as Perotin the Great, he was an European composer that everyone though was French. He was most famous for his excellence at the Notre Dame School of polyphony. He wrote numerous amounts of polyphony that varied in a wide range of
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This included the Cittern, Lute, Psaltery, Mandore and Gittern. All of these instruments can be related to the instruments today. The cittern and gittern sound the same, look the same but they are slighlty differen.t the cittern has rounder body to create a broader sound. These too are similar to a guitar. Excluding the pear shaped body the gittern and cittern have they both still have the same set up as a guitar. Sound is produced from them by the action of plucking each string. The sound then travels inside the sound hole bouncing all over the inside of the body creating the sound that most people enjoy. This is the same thing with the lute, this instrument also has the same characteristics as a guitar, minus the rounded back, the lute and guitar are practically twins. The Psaltery is similar to a harp, it is also a string instrument that produces sound by the act of plucking. This instrument is to be set down on a table and played standing up. Unlike the harp, the Psaltery is a horizontal instrument, it can be played using a bow or just your
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